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MailSafe Email Protection & Archiving


MailSafe Email Protection & Archiving

Sophisticated Protection for Your Business at an Affordable Price

The most vulnerable vector for malicious business attacks is email – the communication lifeblood of most organizations. The MailSafe Email Protection solution from I. T. Pioneers provides continuously-updated spam and threat protection to effectively shield your organization 24/7. Even if you have a primary layer of security, as with Office 365, MailSafe provides an additional layer of defense; inexpensive insurance to prevent spam, virus, and ransomware attacks through phishing and impersonation emails.

Why use MailSafe to protect and archive your organization’s email system?

Many businesses believe that they if they are using Office 365 or other “protected” email service, that’s all they need to be fully protected. The larger the email provider, the larger the target for cybercriminals. We want you to rest easy at night, which is why we believe in a “defense in depth” strategy that employs layers of protection for your business. With so much at risk, a managed email protection and email archiving service is inexpensive insurance to protect you from cyberattacks, wasted time dealing with spam, and the loss of the communication history of your company and its intellectual property.

What makes the MailSafe spam and malware filtering better?

Our email protection service uses some of the most sophisticated malware detection and antivirus (AV) technology in the world, leveraging a constantly updated threat engine based on input from over 10 million secured domains. For example, if a new phishing attack arises in Brazil, it’s instantly added to the MailSafe threat database, helping protect users throughout the rest of the world. Our threat engine incorporates the results of SMTP behavior and reputation checks, content checks, user input from quarantine management, and more.

Additionally, our spam filtering is second to none. It scans and analyzes all emails, links, and attachments, and constantly updates its spam filters with inputs from users on all other managed secured domains.

Why is a cloud-based solution better?

MailSafe is a cloud-based solution that was designed to be distributed and redundant, virtually eliminating the risk of data loss and service downtime. Your data stays within our borders – our Network Operations Centers carefully chooses the correct servers, ensuring your organization’s data remains geo-located within your country’s borders.


of malware is delivered via email attachment

Benefits of the MailSafe Email Protection & Archiving Service

Aggressive Spam and Malware Protection. Our service constantly updates our filtering engines using statistical and heuristic inputs from SMTP behavior, reputation checks, content checks, quarantine management, and more. Our spam filtering scans and analyzes all email, links, and attachments, and uses the outputs of those scans to update our spam database.

Always-on Continuity. Additionally, our solution provides always-on email continuity via our cloud-based portal to prevent any business and email disruption. Even if your primary email service fails, your users will be able to access, receive, and send email from any device.

Seamless Integration. The MailSafe Email Protection service seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and virtually any other email service, providing an extra layer of protection to your email.

Email Archiving. Beyond email security, we also provide an integrated email archive. All incoming, outgoing and internal emails are “vaulted” for as long as you need, providing tamper-proof protection of your communications and intellectual property in the event of legal disputes or to meet regulatory requirements.


Key Features

  • Rock solid reliability and stability with no historical downtime.
  • Continuously-updated AV protection.
  • Built-in email continuity.
  • No hardware or software maintenance.
  • Simple, affordable and flexible.
  • Detailed reporting that provides a clear, easily-searchable view of all email activity.
  • Designed to look and work well on any device.

MailSafe: How It Works …


of organizations have been victims of a phishing attack


of small and medium businesses have experienced at least one cyber breach

($) average value lost during a cyber breach

Phishing, because it's effective ...

Open Rate for Legitimate, Work-related emails: 21.7%

Open Rate for Typical Phishing Emails: 30%

  • Typical Email Open Rate 21.7% 21.7%
  • Phishing Email Open Rate 30% 30%

Other Anti-spam Software:

  • Store and forward introduces delays in email message delivery.
  • Only filters inbound emails not outbound which could cause your company to be blacklisted.
  • Only quarantines email on a group basis not on an individual employee basis.
  • Complex and expensive licensing models.

MailSafe Email Protection & Archiving:

  • Protects against ransomware, phishing, virus and malware attacks.
  • Queues received email should your email server go offline.
  • Includes full scanning of inbound and outbound mail
  • Priced per mailbox
  • Managed by trained engineers at I.T. Pioneers, Inc.


of organizations have been victims of a targeted, spear phishing attacks


of malware payloads included ransomware in the first three months of 2017

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